Aquinas Women’s 2018

We are super excited to announce the intention to form a Women’s team for Season 2018. This team will be playing in the VAFA competition which currently consists of 40 teams and 5 divisions. It is the same competition the Men’s teams currently play in. More information can be found on our Facebook page



Round 16 Vs Elsternwick Match Report

Aquinas  22.25  157   def.   North Brunswick 9.10  64

Goal Kickers:

S. Williams 5, H. Judge 5, J. Perrett 4, J. Butcher 2, B. O”Loughlin 2, J. Miles, P. Dyck, R. Foster, S. Ragozzini
Best Players:

S. Williams, P. Dyck, J. Perrett, N. Morrison-Storey, D. D”Angelo, H. Judge


Aquinas took on old rivals Elsternwick in the comfort of Bloods Stadium and were looking to make it 12 straight victories.

Despite a tight affair back in round 2, The Bloods have …

Round 13 Vs Eley Park Match Report

Aquinas  18.21 129   def.   Eley Park  8.7 55

Goal Kickers

L. Naulty 4, S. Ragozzini 3, A. Naulty 2, N. Morrison-Storey 2, D. Keltie 2, H. Judge 2, B. O”Loughlin 2, K. Rosewarne
Best Players

J. Morrison-Story, N. Morrison-Storey, L. Naulty, D. D”Angelo, H. Judge, A. Guthrie…