Round 16 Vs Elsternwick Match Report

Aquinas  22.25  157   def.   North Brunswick 9.10  64

Goal Kickers:

S. Williams 5, H. Judge 5, J. Perrett 4, J. Butcher 2, B. O”Loughlin 2, J. Miles, P. Dyck, R. Foster, S. Ragozzini
Best Players:

S. Williams, P. Dyck, J. Perrett, N. Morrison-Storey, D. D”Angelo, H. Judge


Aquinas took on old rivals Elsternwick in the comfort of Bloods Stadium and were looking to make it 12 straight victories.

Despite a tight affair back in round 2, The Bloods have …

Round 13 Vs Eley Park Match Report

Aquinas  18.21 129   def.   Eley Park  8.7 55

Goal Kickers

L. Naulty 4, S. Ragozzini 3, A. Naulty 2, N. Morrison-Storey 2, D. Keltie 2, H. Judge 2, B. O”Loughlin 2, K. Rosewarne
Best Players

J. Morrison-Story, N. Morrison-Storey, L. Naulty, D. D”Angelo, H. Judge, A. Guthrie…