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Thanks to all of our secret scribes who have sent in match reports for the weekends games. Summarised results are below

Seniors || Aquinas 11.13.79 – Richmond Central 12.8.80

Reserves || Aquinas 12.5.77 – Richmond Central 8.17.65

Women || Bulleen Templestowe 4.4.28 – Aquinas 4.2.26

U19s || Aquinas 15.21.111 – Therry Penola 1.0.6


Seniors Match Report

By the time the senior game commenced the fog had been kicked off by the Reserves, whilst the sun beamed down on the game of the round.

The Bloods were up against old foes — Richmond Central Snakes. An interesting choice of nickname from a team whose colours resemble that of a tiger. Perhaps Richmond Tigers was already taken.

The match was a game of momentum swings as Aquinas sprung out of the gates and managed to get a hold of a 2 goal lead thanks to debutant Harry Dwyer kicking his first senior goal. Another kid straight out of the Craig Glennie Football Academy. Ox must have focused heavily on goal kicking last year, as fellow young gun Anthony Mattioli snuck through another major for the home side.

Richmond slithered themselves back into the game, booting 9 goals to 1 in the second term, as the mature bodied Snakes shed their first quarter lapse and took complete control over the game.

However, the pendulum swung itself back into Aquinas’ favour in the second half, as Ash Naulty began to heat up, as he helped himself to 3 third-quarter majors. Although, the heat was probably due to the fact he decided to wear long sleeves on a 28 degree day.

The young John Kerr — looks like Tarzan, plays like Tarzan — was monstrous in his new role down back, leading the backline as they held strong throughout the entirety of the contest. A captains goal from, well — the captain, closed the gap to just 2 goals at the final break, giving the Bloods tremendous confidence of running over the Snakes — who are ironically incapable of running due to the lack of lower limbs.

A free-kick in front of goal saw Philip Jurkovsky reduce the deficit to just one kick, as the high-flying Jacob Costello soared over a large pack moments later, taking the Clive Peeters mark of the day. Chompers gritted his teeth and kicked truly to bring the game within just the singular point.

The last few minutes saw both teams throw everything at the ball, with the game coming down to an Aquinas kick on the siren which fell short, handing Richmond a heart-breaking 1-point victory.


Reserves Match Report

Last week, we spoke about bringing a pre-season game over to our loyal Kyrgyzstani supporters. This week, there was a little bit of Kyrgyzstan about Great Ryrie St during the lead up to the game played by the Aquinas Reserves. The heavy fog and haze had more than a little bit of an eerie Soviet vibe, and when Richmond Central (the snakes what the heck??) began the game in a very Stalin-esque manner, dictating the play for the first 15 minutes, we knew we had a problem that could only be fixed with an iron curtain of effort and will to win.

We can only assume that the Soviet Snakes of Richmond had stationed a sniper high in the light towers of the bottom oval, for two of our men were shot out of action by quarter time – coach Josè Mourinho Judge taken out in the calf with pinpoint accuracy, while returning premiership player Daniel D’Angelo got on the wrong side of a bullet to the knee – let’s hope it’s not too serious for these lads.

Later medical scans showed that Judgey was just getting old, not getting shot. The silly old bugger – lucky he can move magnets!

The boys set about turning the momentum around, and we did well to head into quarter time 1 point up. The Snakes were big and strong, and started to shoot away in the second term, the Bloods heading into the sheds only 13 points down, but with some concerns about our run with only 2 rotations in some now searing sun.

What ticker and resolve we showed, turning it on in the third, as 250 gamer Aaron Kinghorn started to have a major say in the game, along with some suprisingly quiet goal celebrations from Nick Spencer. Was it the real Spanner, or a Russian impersonator, undercover spy? We may never find out. We piled on 5 goals to zip for the quarter, and ran out the game very strongly.

It was a superb performance from the lads, running out 12 point winners and giving Kinga the result he deserved in a huge milestone match. Once again, the whole team was terrific and we showed the competition that we are here to go deep. Go Bloods


Women’s Match Report

A frosty morning at Ted Ajani Reserve as the Bloods arrived for an early start to round 3 against the Bulleen Templestowe Bullants. With great numbers on the field this week at training, our skills are developing out of sight. A bit of angst amongst the group as we were about to take on our first away game for the season.

First quarter the ground was dewy and the footy was wet, that didn’t stop the women from keeping the Bullants to minimal inside 50s. The Bloods on the board strong kicking 2 goals in the first quarter.

The Bloods first multiple goal kicker (3) Molly Sheehan, had a bit of Usain Bolt about her, clean hands and quick on her feet picking up the crumbs from the ground she proved to be a fire cracker in the game.

The women showed off some of their skills they had been practicing that week at training. A terrific one-two, setting up Caitie Flanagan in the opposite pocket snapping a boo-na-na from the car park putting the Bloods ahead.

Sammy Varnam is a force to be reckon with along side Ebony Harli in the centre clearances. Both girls have immense attack on the ball, giving the Bloods scoring opportunities.

With Aquinas two goals up at the last change, the Bullants were not giving up.

Together Sam Deaz and Em O’Keefe in the back, used there body well to protect the sticks. The Bullants were not giving up without a fight. Changing their structure in the last quarter flooding their forward 50 proved to be difficult for the Bloods to get the ball out.

The Bullants, with a lot of help from a particularly friendly goal umpire hit the lead for the first time late in the piece.

Sophie Mathys in the final few minutes took a hard hit putting her body on the line protecting the ball. The Bloods were pipped at the post in the last quarter, going down by two points. Despite the result the coaches were proud as punch, the women left knowing it was one of our best performances.

A well earned rest next week, see you for round 4 on the 5th of May against Therry Penola.


U19’s Match Report

The Unders took on Therry Penola who could only field a team of 16.

It was all one way traffic as the Bloods piled on the goals, finishing 105pts in front at the final siren.

The ball movement is improving every game and the forwards made the most of it this week with Will Farry having 10 shots on goal for a wayward 4 goals 6 behinds, Poppy Mantel kicked another 4 and Cobb Baxter slotted 3.

Best players H Kerr, Lattimer, Farry, Leigh, Noyes and Robb.

This week we face off against Williamstown CYMS at Williamstown as we try to win 3 in a row.


E&S Women’s Player of the Week

Congratulations to this week’s E&S Women’s Player of the Week Molly Sheehan.

Playing just her 2nd ever game of footy “Shifter” showed some amazing forward instinct and regularly outpaced her opponent around the goals.

Finishing the game with 3 sensational opportunist goals, she rockets to the top of the Bloods Women’s Coleman for the year.

Well done Molly.




A reminder of our Past Players Day on Saturday 19th May. This luncheon will be held in the O’Driscoll Room as per previous years and will celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the 2008 U19 Premiership. All past players are invited to attend for what is always a fantastic day.

Our hugely popular $5000 Reverse Raffle is also happening again this year. Lock in June 16th to your calendars for what will be a massive night. Hopefully this year a premiership player doesn’t win it again and use the money to retire from football and move to London. Looking at you Guthrie.


Round 4

This weeks games as follows

Seniors || Manningham || 2:00pm at Aquinas College

Reserves || Manningham || 11:40am at Aquinas College

Women’s || Bye

U19s || Williamstown CYMS || 11:40am at Fearon Reserve, Williamstown



Thanks to all of our sponsors who give so generously to our great club