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Aquinas 1.2.8 defeated by Williamstown 6.7.43

After copping a hiding the week before at Therry Penola the girls from Great Ryrie Street had spent the week licking their wounds and preparing for a big game against Willamstown CYMS. The CYs have had an interesting start to the 2019 campaign having their opening 3 matches in Division 1 before coming down a grade for Round 4 and beyond and taking all before them.

A terrific start from the Aquinas girls with all team structures being strictly adhered to, playing in front and aggression at the football being chief among them. A goalless opening quarter from both sides underlined the closeness of the contest.

Unfortunately a horrid dose of bad luck beset the home side in the second quarter as the CYs managed to score 3 goals from lucky bounces over the pack, leaving the Aquinas girls hopelessly out of position after they’d done well to maintain front spot. Just one of those things, they were doing the right thing but unfortunately football is a funny game and the quirks of the bounce can hurt.

The second half was basically a repeat of the first quarter with both sides playing some terrific football but struggling to make an impact on the scoreboard. A terrific chase down and tackle and then goal from Emma Cerolini was the highlight of the 3rd quarter. Her first goal for the club and a moment she won’t forget. A very late goal to the travelling side exaggerated the scoreline beyond 5 goals which was probably not indicative of the closeness of the contest.

Best players were Chelsea Tucker in the ruck, ably assisted by Courtney Weeks and Sophie Matthys in the middle. The backline trio of Teisha Hickleton, Taylor Leslie and Karli Korbay were also supreme.



Aquinas 13.18.96 defeated Manningham Cobras 4.6.30

A great return for the 2s who took on the Manningham Cobras at home. The lads started off strong and kept the foot on the throat for 3 1/2 quarters – still chasing the elusive 4 quarter effort.

The comprehensive victory was built on the dominance of the midfield at stoppages. Any foray forward for the Cobras was well handled by a strong backline again.

The only disappointment for the day was some seriously inaccurate goal kicking – a rogue senior coach A Naulty was the chief and instead of having a big bag of goals, he was confronted with 100 push ups for each miss. Reports suggest he has been down on the bottom oval for 3 consecutive days trying to get to 800.

Go Bloods.



Aquinas 6.8.44 defeated by De La Salle 19.23.137

The Unders took on De La Salle at Waverley Oval.

De La Salle kicked with the wind in the 1st and our backs were made to work overtime, 8 goals to 1 point at the end of the 1st.

We tried hard for the rest of the game but were comprehensively beaten by a good side, the final margin 93 points.

Best Players, Costello, Brown, B Livo, Kerr, R Grech, Downes, De Navi

Goal Kickers, Downes 2