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A tough day at the office for Aquinas with just 1 win from 4 outings, the Men’s Reserves the only team to sing the victory song.

Men’s Reserves

In a stunning turnaround, Aquinas Football Club snatched victory from the jaws of defeat, coming back from a 33-point halftime deficit to defeat Old Yarra Cobras by a commanding 37-point margin in a seesawing game.

The match began with both teams playing fiercely, but it was the Cobras who dominated the early stages of the game, piling on the pressure with their slick ball movement and accurate kicking. By halftime, they had built a comfortable 33-point lead, leaving Aquinas reeling and in desperate need of a comeback.

And come back they did. With renewed determination and a more composed game plan, Aquinas gradually chipped away at the Cobras’ lead, putting together a string of impressive plays and fantastic goals.

The second half belonged to Aquinas, with Liam Brown, Damo Pelosi, and Joey Abed leading the charge and inspiring their teammates to greater heights. Meanwhile, Adam Reichart was unstoppable in front of the goals, booting an impressive four majors to cement his status as one of the game’s rising stars.

By the final siren, it was clear that Aquinas had emerged victorious, triumphing over the Cobras by a commanding 14.10.94 to 9.3.57 margin. The win was a testament to the team’s resilience, determination, and never-say-die attitude, and a well-deserved reward for their outstanding efforts on the field.

Men’s Seniors

In a disappointing outing for Aquinas, the newly merged Old Yarra Cobras secured an impressive victory at Koonung Park, with a final score of 20.9.129 to Aquinas’ 8.11.59.

Despite the loss, Aquinas’ midfield displayed great skill and determination, with Michael Di Donato, Josh Glennie, and James Wright making impressive plays in the middle of the field. Meanwhile, Harry Dwyer was able to find the goals three times, and newcomer Toby Box kicked two goals in his senior debut.

However, the Old Yarra Cobras proved to be too strong for Aquinas, dominating the game from the outset. By halftime, the Cobras had built a commanding lead, with Aquinas trailing by more than 50 points.

Despite a valiant effort from Aquinas in the second half, the Old Yarra Cobras continued to hold the red, black and green at bay, maintaining their lead and sealing their victory. Aquinas’ defense worked hard to keep the Cobras at bay, but ultimately couldn’t match their opponents’ skill and precision.

Overall, it was a tough day for Aquinas, who will need to regroup and work on their strategies in order to bounce back from this defeat. The team will undoubtedly be looking to build on the promising performances of their midfielders and newcomers in the coming weeks.

Women’s Seniors

Aquinas suffered a tough defeat against Monash Blues, losing 0.2.2 to 5.7.37 at Frearson Oval. Despite their best efforts, the conditions were against them with windy and rainy weather all day long. The team played their hearts out, but the opposition was too strong on the day.

The best players for Aquinas were Di Haines, Ella Smith, and Cadhla Schmidli in the backline. They worked tirelessly to defend their goal, but the Blues’ offensive pressure was relentless.

Captain Molly Sheehan was also a standout player in the middle, showing great leadership and determination.

Aquinas struggled to score against a tough Blues defense that was very well structured and difficult to penetrate. The conditions made it difficult for both teams to control the ball and execute their game plan, but the Blues adapted better and capitalized on their opportunities.

It was a tough day for the women from Great Ryrie Street, but they can take pride in their efforts and the resilience they showed in the face of adversity. They will regroup and come back stronger next time.

Women’s Reserves

The Bloods suffered a tough loss against Monash Blues at Monash, losing 2.0.12 to 3.9.27 in windy conditions. Despite the unfavorable conditions, both teams displayed their skills and tenacity on the field.

Despite the loss, Aquinas had some standout players in Ella Mooney, Jacqui Street, and Mikayla Aloi. These players were instrumental in their team’s performance, constantly working hard and providing excellent support to their teammates. Additionally, Sam Mackwell and Steph Hatt both kicked goals for Aquinas, displaying their excellent finishing abilities.

One notable aspect of the match was that 10 players on the Aquinas team were playing their first-ever game of football. This is a remarkable achievement, and the fact that they were able to hold their own against a seasoned team like Monash Blues is a testament to their hard work and dedication. Monash won the Premier B Reserves premiership last season.

Although they were unable to secure the win, Aquinas can take pride in the effort and determination they displayed throughout the match. They battled hard until the final whistle, and their performance showed that they have the potential to achieve great things in the future.