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An unlucky week for the men and women from Great Ryrie Street as they won just 1 out of 4 matches however the largest losing margin was less than 2 kicks.

Women’s Reserves 4.6.30 defeated Monash Blues 3.7.25

In a thrilling match at Frearson Oval, Clayton, Aquinas secured a hard-fought victory over the Monash Blues. The stage was set for a great contest, with perfect football conditions and both teams eager to claim the win.

Aquinas’ Abby Guerin emerged as a standout player, making her presence felt by kicking two crucial goals, including the sealer with just two minutes remaining on the clock. Guerin’s composure and accuracy in front of goal proved to be the difference-maker for her team. Meanwhile, Molly Davies showcased her exceptional skills in the midfield, contributing a goal and consistently demonstrating her dynamic play style.

However, it was Georgia Redfern who truly stole the show, earning the title of best on ground. Redfern’s outstanding performance further solidified her fantastic start to the season. Her ability to dominate in various aspects of the game, from contested ball-winning to precise disposal, was instrumental in Aquinas’ success.

Not to be overlooked, Georgia Thomson played a crucial role in the backline, providing stability and strategic positioning. Her defensive efforts were key in thwarting the Monash Blues’ forward advances, effectively shutting down their scoring opportunities.

Overall, it was a hard-fought victory for Aquinas, with standout performances from Abby Guerin, Molly Davies, Georgia Redfern, and Georgia Thomson. Their collective efforts and exceptional skill sets allowed them to overcome a determined Monash Blues side. Aquinas continues to impress, and their win sets them on a positive trajectory for the remainder of the season.

Women’s Seniors 1.2.8 lost to Monash Blues 3.2.20

Having been comprehensively beaten by the same opponent in Round 1 Aquinas fronted up again to the home of the undefeated Monash Blues on a day that was picture perfect for football.

The first quarter was fiery as Monash came out swinging from the get go putting Aquinas on the back foot before the ladies in red, black and green started getting on top from the 10 minute mark of the quarter.

It was more of the same in the 2nd term before Meg Dargan took a spectacular mark on the goal line from a Tash Derksen long bomb and kicked truly to tie up the scores.

A 5 point deficit going in to the final term had the Aquinas team up and about and highly confident but unfortunately they ran out of legs and couldn’t bridge the gap.

The reserves had been short on players and 5 senior players filled the void, but ultimately having such a sizable chunk of the team on heavy legs after 8 quarters of football for the day was not conducive to a comeback.

A fantastic week on the training track has renewed the positivity in the group and all players are excited for the first home game of the season at J.W. Manson this weekend.

Men’s Seniors 11.10.76 lost to Brunswick 12.9.81

In a thrilling encounter, Aquinas faced off against the highly fancied Brunswick in a match that will be remembered for its intensity and remarkable individual performances. Despite a valiant effort, Aquinas fell short by a mere 5 points, showcasing their fighting spirit and determination until the final siren.

From the outset, it was evident that both teams were hungry for victory, displaying their skills and tenacity on the bottom oval. Aquinas’ Daniel McMahon was in sensational form, bagging an impressive six goals, while Harry Dwyer proved to be a valuable contributor with four goals of his own. Their goal-scoring prowess kept Aquinas within striking distance throughout the game.

In the midfield, Harry Flack was an absolute standout, racking up a staggering 40 disposals and showcasing his class and composure under pressure. Flack’s dominance in the center was instrumental in creating scoring opportunities for Aquinas and earning him the well-deserved title of best on ground. Meanwhile, Joe Morrison-Story and Josh Clinton continued their exceptional seasons, once again featuring in the best players for Aquinas.

The match was played under perfect weather conditions; however, the ground surface posed a challenge due to its wet and sloppy nature. Despite the difficult conditions, both teams displayed admirable resilience and adaptability, providing an enthralling contest for the spectators.

Heading into the final quarter, Aquinas held a promising 14-point lead, raising hopes of an upset victory. However, Brunswick rallied in the dying stages, displaying their championship pedigree and managing to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. While Aquinas may have fallen short, their performance was commendable, and they can take pride in their fighting spirit and the exceptional individual efforts of their players.

Men’s Reserves 11.10.76 lost to Brunswick 12.6.78

In a hard-fought battle on the bottom oval at Aquinas, the home team suffered a disappointing loss to Brunswick in an intense contest. Despite the defeat, individual performances shone through, with Josh Robertson and Jaycob Baxter impressively kicking three goals each. Their clinical finishing in front of goal showcased their talent and contributed significantly to the team’s overall effort.

Liam Choucri displayed his undeniable skill and proved why he has been a standout player this season in the seniors. His exceptional performance earned him the title of best on ground, demonstrating his consistent form and impact on the field. Choucri’s presence and contribution were felt throughout the game, providing stability and leadership to his teammates.

The lightning-quick Harry Kerr showcased his electrifying skills in the midfield, mesmerizing opponents with his agility and pace. Kerr’s ability to create opportunities and drive the team forward was instrumental in maintaining momentum during crucial stages of the match. Additionally, Tom Freeman delivered a solid performance, consistently making important contributions to the team’s overall performance.

Despite the loss, Aquinas’ players exhibited resilience and determination throughout the game. The team fought hard in both attack and defense, but ultimately fell short against a determined Brunswick side. The match was a true test of skill and strategy, with both teams showcasing their abilities and pushing each other to their limits.

Aquinas will undoubtedly analyse the game and learn from their mistakes as they look to bounce back in future fixtures.