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Our women’s seniors were the big winners out of Round 6 while the men battled hard at Great Ryrie Street but were unable to take the points.

Women’s Seniors 14.16.100 defeated North Brunswick 2.5.17

The senior women headed to J.W. Manson Reserve for their first home game of season 2023 and after playing the top 2 teams in the competition 3 times in their first 4 games they were looking forward to a game against a team that wasn’t sitting in the top 4.

A fast start from Aquinas saw Holly Spicer get on the end of some nice play to kick her first of 5 goals for the day before Molly Sheehan kicked 2 in a minute which drew a big cheer from the large crowd in attendance.

The second quarter was highly dominant if not somewhat wasteful as we scored 5 goals 9 behinds for the quarter with many shots on goal touched on the line or rushed through.

With an unassailable lead at ½ time it was more about playing team first football and our preferred style after the main break and ensuring we didn’t get selfish.

A sensational 3rd quarter saw Meg Dargan kick her second goal as well as Emily Box hitting the scoreboard to cap off a sensational day at centre half forward.

Jenna White was best afield with her inside midfield work entering elite areas, at one point she gained 5 centre clearances in a row.

A great day out for the women in red, black and green and fantastic to be back on the winners list after a tough start to the year. There is no doubt that as a program, both teams are more than good enough to make finals and have an impact and wins like this are a reminder that our best football is very, very good.

Men’s Seniors 11.6.72 lost to South Melbourne Districts 13.13.91

In a thrilling contest on the bottom oval at Aquinas, the home team suffered yet another heartbreaking loss, falling short against SMD. The final score line read Aquinas 11.6.72 to SMD 13.13.91, leaving the Bloods rueing missed opportunities.

Aquinas’ forward line showcased impressive firepower, with Harry Dwyer and Lachie Robb leading the charge, each contributing four goals to the team’s tally. Robb’s performance stood out, earning him the title of best on ground for his exceptional display as a forward. His ability to find space, mark cleanly, and convert accurately was instrumental in keeping Aquinas within striking distance throughout the game.

Despite the loss, Josh Glennie and Harry Flack displayed tremendous effort in the midfield. Glennie’s ability to win clearances and distribute the ball effectively created numerous scoring opportunities for the Bloods. Flack, on the other hand, exhibited great composure under pressure and showcased his skills in both contested and uncontested situations, providing valuable support to the team’s forward line.

Despite the disappointment of another close loss, Aquinas can take solace in the strong individual performances of Dwyer, Robb, Glennie, and Flack. The team’s resilience and determination were evident throughout the game, and with some adjustments in their defensive structure, they have the potential to turn these narrow defeats into triumphant victories in the upcoming fixtures.

Men’s Reserves 6.6.42 lost to South Melbourne Districts 7.5.47

In a tightly contested match, Aquinas fell just short of victory, succumbing to a narrow loss against SMD with a final score of 6.6.42 to 7.5.47. Despite the defeat, there were standout performances from several key players for Aquinas, showcasing their determination and skill throughout the game.

One of the standout players for Aquinas was Leon Holewa, who displayed exceptional defensive prowess down back. Holewa’s ability to read the play, intercept marking, and provide solid rebounding efforts proved crucial in keeping SMD’s scoring opportunities to a minimum.

In the midfield, Cam Wright, Harry Kerr, and Tom Freeman played with relentless energy and skill. Their strong work rate, precise ball distribution, and ability to win contested possessions gave Aquinas an edge in the midfield battle. Their performances were instrumental in generating scoring opportunities for the team and maintaining pressure on the opposition.

Josh Robertson emerged as a potent goal-kicker for Aquinas, managing to find the middle of the big sticks twice in the match. Robertson’s accuracy and ability to create scoring opportunities have been evident in the past two games, making him a valuable asset in the team’s forward line.

Despite the final result not going their way, Aquinas displayed great resilience and fought until the final siren. The team’s cohesion, commitment, and individual performances provide optimism for future games.

Women’s Reserves received a forfeit against North Brunswick